Don’t Be This Guy

Most people realize that violence is a last resort option. But there are some who seem to believe that might makes right and will resort to violence or threats thereof alarmingly fast:

The father told Fox 9 News he’s still shaken by the encounter. He explained that when he and his daughter got down to the cul de sac, Drake began yelling from his porch. When the father responded to say, “I’ve got it,” Drake allegedly said, “If you don’t like my advice, get off the street.”

At that point, Drake appeared to get angrier — but as the father and daughter prepared to leave the area, Drake allegedly went inside his home, grabbed a Remington 870 shotgun, pointed it at the father and threatened to kill him.

Drake’s wife eventually came out and pulled the gun away, but police said he didn’t appear repentant when he was booked. In fact, he allegedly told officers, “Maybe next time. I should have shot him.”

Mr. Drake played a dangerous game and got off lucky. His threat certainly provided a reasonable belief of immediate great bodily harm or death to his neighbor. Under Minnesota law the neighbor would have almost certainly been legally justified in using deadly force. I doubt Mr. Drake understands how fortunate he is to be alive today because when you write a check in violence they will often be paid in blood.

I’m not sure what went through the neighbor’s head. Being threatened with a shotgun is a scary enough prospect but having his 7 year-old daughter with him at the time probably made for the worst situation he could imagine.