Do as We Say! Don’t Do as We Say! We Don’t Know We Want!

You know how the government is always going on about clean, renewable energy? It seems to have a hard-on for wind turbines and solar collectors. So you would think it would be happy when its subjects install either wind turbines or solar panels. But that’s not the case:

An Orono man and his wife could end up in the Hennepin County jail if they do not remove a 29-foot wind turbine in their yard by Wednesday morning.

The city of Orono told Jay Nygard his wind turbine was illegal and was a public safety threat. Nygard sued and lost at the lower court and then won on appeal, but it was sent back to the lower court for further consideration where he ultimately lost again.

Now, the final court order says Nygard and his wife must appear in court Wednesday to start a six-month jail sentence, unless the turbine is removed by then.

Isn’t the government great? It has been harping on everybody to adopt renewable energy and when somebody does it threatens to kidnap them and hold them for six months. Since violence is the only tactic known to the state if Jay refuses to go along with his kidnappers he will be shot dead.

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