Great Organic Fair Trade Conflict-Free Product For Sale

I must say that I love the Internet. If there is a want out there somebody on the Internet will eventually serve it. For example:

At the more extreme end of socially progressive marketing strategies used by online dealers are those that involve the promotion of drugs on the basis of supposedly “ethical”, “fair trade”, “organic” or “conflict-free” sources of supply.

The story is talking about cocaine and opium, not coffee. This shouldn’t surprise anybody since hipsters need their fix as well. I’m greatly amused by the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) managed to shutdown the original Silk Road and were rewarded by a notable increase in website selling unpatentable drugs. Now the online drug dealers are marketing to hipsters, which probably means they are making a nice premium (if Whole Foods is any indicator hipsters are willing to pay quite a bit more for the same product with the words “fair trade”, “organic”, or “conflict-free” on the label).

Hidden services have no only reduced violence in the drug trade but now they’re ensuring more drug users’ needs are met.