Real Heroes

Tor is a great tool for those in need of anonymity online. But online anonymity is something spy agencies don’t like because it makes their job much harder. Therefore it seems highly probable that agents within the National Security Agency (NSA) are actively investing resources into compromising Tor. In fact all evidence indicates the agency, and other spy agencies, are doing exactly that. Thankfully evidence also indicates that there are real heroes working within those agencies to undermine such efforts:

British and American intelligence agents attempting to hack the “dark web” are being deliberately undermined by colleagues, it has been alleged.

Spies from both countries have been working on finding flaws in Tor, a popular way of anonymously accessing “hidden” sites.

But the team behind Tor says other spies are tipping them off, allowing them to quickly fix any vulnerabilities.

While the leviathan that is government is powerful it is also composed of people, many of whom have a conscience. Because of this many of the government’s nefarious acts are undermined by people within itself. If the NSA is attempting to compromise Tor then it’s very likely some of its agents are anonymously tipping off Tor’s developers, which renders the NSA’s overall efforts futile.

These are real heroes who should be celebrated. They actively put themselves at risk to fight against the illegal government activities and therefore make the world a better, and safer, place.

4 thoughts on “Real Heroes”

  1. I just find it Ironic that Tor is a result of a government project, in fact it is still receiving funding from the State Department, so we actually have two branches of government actively working against each other. And the Navy has also funded it though the Naval Research lab in the past as well as DARPA.

    1. I do find it funny that tax dollars are used to both build and enhance Tor (knowingly) as well as find and report bugs found in it (unknowingly).

  2. “many of whom have a conscious”


    “many of whom have a “CONSCIENCE”

    Spelling, people…

    1. When you pump out as much amazing quality material as I do spelling mistakes sometimes slip by.

      And by that I mean my vigorous proof reading reflects the amount I’m getting paid for this gig. 😛

      But seriously, I appreciate the catch. It has been corrected.

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