Double Rainbow

A double rainbow!


What does it mean?

Turns out it means that your goddamn sword has arrived from Japan.


I’d apologize for the shitty photo but I never claimed to be a photographer. Just know that the picture doesn’t do the actual sword justice.

And I’m just going to take the double rainbow in front of the UPS store as a positive sign because the surprise $25.00[1] Fish and Wildlife clearance certainly wasn’t. Fun fact, my sword was delayed for a day due to a Fish and Wildlife hold:


On the upside, thanks to the fine men and women in charge of fish and wildlife, I am now sure that my three foot metal stick isn’t some kind of fish or other form of wildlife. I only needed to have my package delayed for one day, be required to pick up my package at the UPS office, and pay $25.00 to get that assurance. Talk about a deal!

Seriously, shit like this is why I’m an anarchist.

[1] Here’s a fun fact. The UPS office only accepts money orders of personal checks. If you show up with cash or a credit card you won’t be able to pay your brokerage fee.

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  1. Legally they have to accept valid hard currency the law is even spelled out on the bill.

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