Upcoming Minnesota Carry Day Events

This year the Twin Cities Gun Owners and Carry Forum is host two Minnesota Carry Day events. The first event, which takes place on October 11th, will be held at Zylstra Harley Davidson in Elk River, Minnesota:


The second event takes place on October 18th and will be held at St. Paul Harley Davidson in, as the name implies, St. Paul, Minnesota:


Both events are free to attend and will have information sessions scheduled throughout each day. The information sessions will cover more than gun-related stuff. For example, both events will have a self-defense session aimed at kids and sessions on non-lethal self-defense.

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    1. I won’t be able to make the one on the 11th due to a judo tournament but I may be able to make the one in St. Paul. But I’m not sure yet.

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