Nobody is Beyond Redemption

I give modern policing a lot of shit on this blog. Oftentimes people mistake those rants as some kind of deep seated hatred for police officers. Truthfully I don’t hate police officers, at least not all of them. There are a lot of decent people who have, for some reason unknown to me, chosen to take up a life of crime. But their intentions are good and they generally remain good people. More importantly I don’t believe anybody is beyond redemption. Even the most vile individual can have a change in heart (although it’s rare). Counter Current News has an interview that proves this very fact. It’s with Raeford Davis a former officer of the Beavercreek Police Department. He went from being an enforcer of the state’s whims to one of the good guys:

One of those former “good cops” is Raeford Davis, and today he is an anarchist.

Davis was a police officer for six years. While troubled by many aspects of government law enforcement at the time, he explains that he was committed to the cause. Later, over a period of years, he began to understand the morality or lack thereof, behind policing the community as an arm an agent of the State.

Davis became immersed in the concepts of voluntarism, anarchism, the non-aggression principal and how destructive the current manifestation of law enforcement is to proper human interaction.

If one can go from a cop to an anarchist then there’s hope for anyone.

He’s going to be interviewed at 21:00 Central Time Zone tonight on Cop Block Radio. I’m sure it will be an interesting interview and will try to tune in.