Why I Hate Neocons Part Seven Billion

It’s no secret that I hold special disdain for neocons. They’re especially vile creatures that seem to only achieve full erection in the presence of violence. That’s probably why they’re always touting the “tough on crime” bullshit. Tough on crime is just a euphemism for police brutality, which we’re seeing plenty of this day and age.

The killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner have really shown the extent neocons will go to get their rocks off. In both situations, while most people were asking why the killings occurred, neocons were digging as deep as they could into the dead men’s pasts to uncover something, anything that would justify the cops’ actions. They didn’t give a damn that two people were dead, they only wanted an excuse to label those men thugs so they could jump onto their social media accounts and spew their joyous blood lust all over for everybody to see.

While I also hold special disdain for neoliberals I at least give them some credit for not being so public with their violence fetish. Yes, like neocons, neoliberals love bombing Middle Easterners and they love having a militarized police force to keep dissidents in line. But at least they aren’t hopping on social media sites just so they can exclaim how happy they are that people were killed.