Minnesota Law Makers Making Big, Empty Promises

I actively avoid following politics these days. There’s just no point. Everything politicians say is vapid and empty. Nothing they do changes anything in any meaningful way. But sometimes they do something that amuses me a bit and the Minnesota laws makers have done exactly that. They’re hinting at doing all the business of their two year terms in one year:

Minnesota lawmakers may consider completing the entire 2015-16 Legislative session this year alone, opting to stay home next year as renovation is expected to shut down much of the Capitol.

So far, the idea has simply been floated among House and Senate leadership, Senate Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie said Tuesday, shortly after the House and Senate opened the session.

Hann said it was routine for the Legislature to meet only once every two years before the 1970s, when lawmakers alternated between a short session during bonding years, and long sessions during budget years.

I fully support this. In fact they should take every year after 2016 off as well. Hell, I’d even be willing to pay them to not show up. It’s a win-win for Minnesota since the only thing law makers do when they’re at the marble building in St. Paul is cause damage.