Louisiana Continues to Ban Oral Sex; Necrophilia A-OK

There are a lot of ancient laws relating to how people conduct themselves in their own bedroom. Many of those laws are still on the books and I like to think that is because politicians simply haven’t gotten around to removing them. But Louisiana has shown us that isn’t the case. Their politicians debated their state’s sex laws and came to a strange conclusion:

The Louisiana House of Representatives voted this week to uphold an anti-sodomy law that bans oral sex in the state.

A measure to remove the ban failed by a wide margin Tuesday, in a vote of 27-67.

Meanwhile, according to The Blot, necrophilia or sex with a dead person is technically legal in the state of Louisiana.

So oral sex is illegal but necrophilia is totally cool*. OK, technically the law is unenforceable. The Supreme Court ruled laws prohibiting sodomy unconstitutional in 2003. But Louisiana’s politicians must be hoping a day will come when that ruling is reversed (because any arbitrary Supreme Court ruling can be reverse by a later arbitrary Supreme Court ruling) because there is no other reason to leave the laws on the books. This also shows that these laws having simply been forgotten. They’re still remembered, debated, and supported by many.

*Yeah, it’s a pun. Deal with it.