This Blog Now Officially Endorsed as Leftist, Anti-Capitalist, and Social Justice Advocacy

Since I’m friends with a lot of libertarians I periodically use Facebook to collect stories to write about and last night was no exception. When I opened Facebook I noticed a friend tagged me in a post he titled, “Looks like one of our own has officially been injected into the SJW debate at its upper levels.” At first I thought one of those fedora tipping GamerGaters was busting a nut over something I wrote but to my pleasant surprise it was just a link to a blog written by some fellow named Christopher Cantwell.

I’m not terribly familiar with Cantwell. The only thing I really know about him is that he was give the boot by the Free State Project because of his advocacy for murdering government employees.

If you go to his post you’ll see that he officially endorsed me as a leftist, anti-capitalist, social justice warrior. Long time readers of this blog already know that I consider myself a leftist as I’m against rulers. They are also probably laughing at the anti-capitalist bit. Whether people think of me as a social justice warrior generally depends on their views of various social issues. Based on what I’ve read so far by Cantwell I will choose to accept this as a badge of honor.

He also seemed a bit upset that I was railing against the Republican Party but it’s not uncommon for statist libertarians to get upset with us anarchist libertarians when we do that. In fact I was once on the other side so I do understand where he’s coming from. Now that I’m on the anarchist side I also know that nothing I say will convince him that the concept of limited government is impossible. That’s a journey one must make on their own.

My writings speak for me and I’ve annoyed plenty of electrons writing this blog. I leave you to be the judge on whether or not Cantwell’s accusations are true and I submit the entirety of my blog, which covers my journey from statist to anarchist, as defense of my libertarian credentials.

4 thoughts on “This Blog Now Officially Endorsed as Leftist, Anti-Capitalist, and Social Justice Advocacy”

  1. Cantwell’s a hoot and in most circumstances if he has anything to say about libertarianism you can safely assume the exact opposite is true.

    However, he did not advocate murdering government employees, and the FSP’s decision to pretend he did, at the expense of basic English reading comprehension, for purposes of kicking him out, lost them at least one member(me).

    If they’d booted him by saying “we think you’re an asshole and we don’t want to associate with assholes,” that would have been fine.

    1. Admittedly I didn’t dive too deeply into the Free State Project’s banishment since the only really noteworthy part of that story, for me, was the fact there is a board that can make such decisions.

    1. Boards mean voting, voting means democracy, and democracy means MUH FREEDOMZ!

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