Giving Back to Society

It amuses me when people talk about the wealthy market actors needing to “give back to society” and then saying holding a political office is a public service.

Let’s consider the difference between a wealthy person who created a product that people wanted versus a politicians. Steve Jobs, for example, became an extremely wealthy man by producing computers, portable music players, and phones that people really wanted. People wanted these products so much that they were willing to give him money in exchange. How can one claim he needs to “give back to society” when he already gave people in society what they wanted?

Politicians are the polar opposite. Instead of fulfilling the wants of people in society politicians dictate what they want society to want. When a politician says a community needs a new school they don’t build one with their own money and see if members of the community want it. What they do is hold a meeting with their fellow politicians, vote to build a new school, then plunder more money from the community by issuing a tax increase to build it. Where a market actor gives to the community a politician takes from the community. How can holding political office be considered a public service when the job involves stealing from people?

If anybody needs to “give back to society” it’s the politicians and they can start by giving back all of the money they’ve plundered from me over the years. I chose to give Steve Jobs my money of my own volition. The only reason I give the politicians money is because the alternative involves a cop smashing my face in with a truncheon.