Go and Make It

This is effectively what us agorists have been advocating for decades:

What if we stopped attacking people for a cause and started attracting people to a cause? What if we became creators instead of mere critics and conquerors? Rather than waging war—either figuratively (in arguing) or literally — what if we channeled all of our passion and energy into disruptive acts of creation?

What if we bypassed electoral politics and established a more cooperative era…one in which the best ideas win?

In this new age, politicians would be replaced by innovators. Political capital would be replaced by creative capital.

Social change would not be planned by bureaucrats. It would emerge from the collective creativity of artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs working in cooperation.

Agorism utilizes counter-economics to provide goods and services in a manner that doesn’t feed the state. Permits are not acquired, taxes are not collected or paid, and regulations are not consciously adhered to. Instead goods and services that people want, not what the government says the ought to have, are created and sold for a lower price since all of the cost of bureaucratic overhead is absent.

We living in a world where solutions can be more easily created. “Go and make it,” is an excellent slogan for a new revolution. It encompasses the power of individuals to create solutions and the fact that the new revolution won’t be fought with the state’s tool of war but with markets.