Without The TSA Who Would Molest 10 Year-Old Girls

When a job description involved feeling up small children nobody should be surprised when the applicants turn out to be pedophiles. Granted, the grounds on which I accused the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) goon in this story of being a pedophile are speculative but I can’t think of any other reason why she spent two minutes “patting down” a 10 year-old girl:

A young girl’s family is speaking out after a TSA agent patted her down for nearly two minutes at an airport over the holiday break, leaving the girl feeling like screaming.

The girl should have screamed. She should have also kicked the TSA officer as hard as she could and ran as fast as she could. Her parents should have intervened. But what makes this story even more angering is the fact the girl’s father just filmed the molestation and then got down and licked the TSA’s boots like a good little slave:

Her father shot video of the incident at an airport in North Carolina, for a flight back to San Diego. Kevin Payne told NBC San Diego he’s all for airport security and making sure people have a safe trip, but he and his daughter feel the pat-down was uncomfortable, long and inappropriate.

Apparently the father is all for sexual molestation but only if it lasts for less than two minutes. And herein lies my biggest problem with American culture: complacency. For a nation full of people who pride themselves on not taking shit from anybody it seems most Americans are more than happy to roll right the fuck over when somebody with a badge orders them to. Unless the culture can be changed there is no hope for freedom for the masses currently incarcerated in the United States.