I Guess The ATF Will Sell Guns To Colorado Now

A lot of statists are unhappy about Colorado legalizing cannabis. In fact a couple of Republican attorneys general have gone so far as to call Colorado a drug cartel:

WASHINGTON — Oklahoma and Nebraska compared Colorado to a drug cartel on Wednesday and again urged the Supreme Court to let them sue their neighbor over its marijuana production and distribution system.

In sharply written arguments, the two states said Colorado “has created a massive criminal enterprise whose sole purpose is to authorize and facilitate the manufacture, distribution, sale and use of marijuana.”

“The State of Colorado authorizes, oversees, protects and profits from a sprawling $100 million per-month marijuana growing, processing and retailing organization that exported thousands of pounds of marijuana to some 36 States in 2014,” the states’ new brief says.

“If this entity were based south of our border, the federal government would prosecute it as a drug cartel.”

Does that mean the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) will now give guns to Colorado citizens?