Terrorist Plots Aren’t The Only Things The FBI Makes Up

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has a long history of creating terrorists. This practice is so prevalent that there’s a book about it. But terrorist plots aren’t the only thing the FBI makes up. The agency also likes to make up sex-trafficking rings:

In the press, it was a “wide-reaching sex-trafficking operation” run by Somali Muslim gangs who forced “girls as young as 12” to sell sex in Minnesota and Tennessee. In reality, the operation—which led to charges against 30 individuals, sex-trafficking convictions for three, and an eight year legal battle—was a fiction crafted by two troubled teenagers, a member of the FBI’s human-trafficking task force, and an array of overzealous officials. An opinion released this week by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals shows that federal prosecuters had no evidence whatsoever to support their “child sex trafficking conspiracy” case outside the seriously flawed testimony of two teenagers, one of whom had “been diagnosed as insane and was off her medication.”

“We conclude from our careful review of the trial transcript and record that, if the prosecution proved any sex trafficking at all (and we have serious doubts that it did), then at best it proved two separate, unrelated, and dissimilar sex-trafficking conspiracies, involving different defendants, albeit with the same alleged victim, namely Jane Doe 2,” states the 6th Circuit opinion, written by judges Alice M. Batchelder, Sean F. Cox, and Helene N. White.

At some point you would think the general public would begin asking why the FBI even exists. An agency has been caught time and again fabricating crimes. So one is forced to question whether any of the crimes it has solved were actually real.

We return again to the fact that the supposed system of checks and balances is more accurately described as a circlejerk. If the legislative and judicial branches were a check and balance against the executive branch there would have been investigations into the FBI itself by now. Judges would be throwing out cases on the grounds that the FBI isn’t a credible agency. Senators would be urging their fellows to vote to dissolve the agency. The heads of the FBI would be facing charges and begging oversight committees for mercy. But none of that is happening. Instead the FBI continues to operate as a law enforcement agency and its transgressions are continuously ignored.