Dianne Feinstein Planning To Propose Legislation To Enslave Tech Workers

Dianne Feinstein may be the Devil incarnate. Whenever there’s a glimmer of freedom slipping through the statists’ fingers she’s there to tighten the grip. Seeing Apple being allowed to fight the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) demand to write a compromised version of iOS, Feinstein is rushing in with legislation that will punish disobedient companies:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Technology companies could face civil penalties for refusing to comply with court orders to help investigators access encrypted data under draft legislation nearing completion in the U.S. Senate, sources familiar with continuing discussions told Reuters on Wednesday.

The long-awaited legislation from Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, the top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, may be introduced as soon as next week, one of the sources said.

Let’s call this proposal what it is: slavery. Under this legislation device manufacturers would be required to either perform labor when commanded or face severe punishment.

There should never be a circumstance under which you are forced to perform labor against your will. If law enforcers want to unlock a device and the manufacturer doesn’t want to help then they should be required to either do it themselves or hire somebody who wants to do it. But that’s a basic market principle and statism is the antithesis of the market.