The State is a Kleptomaniac

Nobody’s coming for your guns!

How many times have you heard that over the last week? I must have heard it a few dozen times. It’s the go-to response to any gun control loving statist. It’s also bullshit as is any statement that is based on the premise that the State won’t steal something.

Consider all of the things the State has stolen from people. If you’re working in the white market the State is stealing a percentage of every hour you work in the form of Social Security, income tax, and other assorted taxes. Long ago the State stole everybody’s property. You aren’t allowed to own your home, you’re only allowed to rent it. If you stop paying rent property taxes, the State evicts you. With the exception of a few states, the State is trying to steal your fucking plants cannabis and every state is trying to steal your heroin, cocaine, acid, and other chemicals it has decided you don’t need. What about non-recreational drugs? The State has taken a lot of those as well or locked them behind permission slips prescriptions. For Christ’s sake, the State has stolen your fucking candy. And your guns? If you meet one of the ever growing list of criteria, including being arbitrarily labeled a felon, the State tries to take your guns.

So, yes, the State is coming for your guns. In fact, it’s coming for everything you have. Theft is compulsive behavior for the State. It’s a kleptomaniac. Anybody who claims it isn’t coming for something is a fool.

5 thoughts on “The State is a Kleptomaniac”

  1. and every state is trying to steal your heroine

    I don’t have a heroine, but if I did, I’d HATE it if someone tried to steal her! ;-j

    Great rant; agree 100%.

    1. Part of me wants to correct that because it’s supposed to be a list of drugs. The other part of me wants to leave it because if you didn’t have a heroine the State would try to steal her as well.

      I guess I’ll change it for consistency’s sake but I don’t know if it’s necessary.

  2. The next time the Antarctic ice sheet calves a very large berg I’ll plant a flag. Who’s with me? Where else can an individual live free, unfettered of gov thievery? We can even name if Burgland if you want.

  3. The only thing I might use that sheet of ice for is to launch a rocket. I want to get off of this rock.

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