Supporters of Team Blue are unhappy and a handful of them have taken their anger to the streets. Yesterday 200 to 300 people protests in St. Paul, for example. Supporters of Team Red, obviously unhappy about the fact that supporters of Team Blue aren’t taking their beating silently, are saying that Clinton supporters are rioting.

There seems to be some confusion about the term riot. A few hundred people marching down a street with signs in hand isn’t a riot. A handful of people torching a few cars isn’t a riot. A group of people smashing windows isn’t a riot. A riot is when you have entire sections of cities falling into violent chaos that is so severe that local authorities can’t do jack shit about it.

To understand what a riot is one should take a stroll down memory lane. The riots that occurred in Los Angeles in 1992 are a good place to start. For six days parts of Los Angeles were effectively war zones. Things were so bad that store owners armed themselves with rifles and stood atop their businesses to defend them from marauding rioters. Civility had broken down entirely.

Unless Clinton’s supporters manage to reach similar levels of destruction calling their actions rioting is a gross exaggeration.