Sheriff Arpaio is Out

There wasn’t a lot of good news from Tuesday’s election. One of the two fascists managed to take the White House and now a single party controls all three houses of the federal government. However, there was one piece of good news. The fascist thug Joe Arpaio is no longer a Sheriff:

PHOENIX — Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an enduring symbol of Arizona’s unforgiving stance toward illegal immigration, lost his bid for a seventh term on Tuesday, effectively ending the career of perhaps the most divisive law enforcement figure in the country.

In the end, Sheriff Arpaio’s bid for re-election as sheriff of Maricopa County was undone by Latino voters who responded to his hard-line position on illegal immigration, which included workplace raids, frequent traffic stops and harsh talk.

That’s certainly worth celebrating.

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    1. I mean to say all three houses, not branches. It’s been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

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