Without Government Who Would Withhold Evidence

A man accused of rape was acquitted when a trove of text messages showed that his sexual encounters were consensual. What makes this story especially noteworthy though is that law enforcers withheld this evidence from the court:

The criminology student at Greenwich University had spent nearly two years on bail and three days in Croydon Crown Court when the trial was stopped in a dramatic fashion after it emerged police officers had failed to hand over evidence that proved his innocence.


Now, the judge has called for an inquiry at the “very highest level” to understand why police failed to hand over critical evidence including 40,000 messages from the accuser to Mr Allan and friends.

It’s unfortunate that the attitude of law enforcers to go after convictions instead of justice expands beyond the United States’ borders.

What’s especially unfortunate is that this kind of behavior isn’t unusual. With these stories circulating on a daily basis one has to wonder why people still trust the government to dispense justice.