We the People Site Shuttered, But Nothing Has Changed

Under the guise of better enabling the people to get their issues noticed by the federal government, the Obama administration started the We the People petition site. The site was celebrated by Obama’s supporters are a great step forward for the United States government. Now those people are upset because the Trump administration shutdown the site:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is temporarily removing a petition tool from its website after 11 months of silence, promising to respond to public concerns next year.

The Trump administration said the platform, used extensively by critics and less frequently by allies, will be removed at midnight Tuesday and return in late January as a new site.

It remains to be seen whether the site will come back online as promised or not. However, nothing has actually changed. If anything the government has just become slightly more honest. While Obama’s supporters celebrated the We the People site, it accomplished nothing. Any petition that reached the required number of signatures to be addressed by the federal government were either dismissed with a wave of a hand or tossed down a memory hole.

The government doesn’t give a shit about what you think and never did.