Gun Control Continues to Fail

I’ve stated many times on this blog that gun control is futile because it’s impossible to control the production of simple mechanical devices. Guns aren’t like semiconductors. Today (however, this will change in the future) manufacturing semiconductors requires highly specialized equipment and knowledge. Guns on the other hand require only the simplest tools and materials to build. The knowledge isn’t specialized either. Books on the topic of gunsmithing are readily available and the information is easily accessible online.

Whenever I brought up these points advocates for gun control (and even some opponents of gun control) claimed that I was full of shit. To them I submit the following:

The proliferation of homemade “ghost guns” has skyrocketed in Los Angeles, contributing to more than 100 violent crimes this year, the Los Angeles Police Department said in a report released Friday.

Detectives have linked the untraceable weapons to 24 killings, eight attempted homicides and dozens of assaults and armed robberies since January, according to the report.

And police expect the problem to get worse, the report said.

During the first half of this year, the department confiscated 863 ghost guns, a nearly 300% increase over the 217 it seized during the same period last year, according to the report. Since 2017, the report said, the department has seen a 400% increase in seizures. That sharp jump suggests the number of ghost guns on the streets and such seizures “will continue to grow exponentially,” the authors of the report wrote.

This is nothing new. Just ask Brazil. But this is a good story to show that gun control can’t even succeed in a city with extremely restrictive gun control laws located in a state that also has extremely restrictive gun control laws. If people in Los Angeles can’t be stopped from manufacturing firearms, there’s no hope of any government entity controlling it elsewhere.

Nothing I said here is specific to firearms. Anytime a government attempts to outlaw a technology it only leads to the creation of a black market. The only difference between a legal and illegal technology is that manufacturing, selling, and buying an illegal technology carries additional risks. These risks are reflected in the higher prices charged by manufacturers and the amount of effort put into hiding them from authorities (whereas little if any effort is ever put into hiding legal technologies from authorities so it’s actually easier for authorities to track them). I’m sure law enforcement agencies and the mainstream media will make this into a big issue over the next few years. Their efforts will be wasted though because there’s nothing government can do to stop this.

2 thoughts on “Gun Control Continues to Fail”

  1. You are being distracted from the real game going on in ther “background”. My take is that the Soros Persecuting Attorneys are intentionally allowing the violent chaos to continue, so as to clear the field for the newly imported “Illegal” population as was done in Compton, California. Empty store fronts are great starting places for the “Taco Tavern”. At some point the Hispanic community and their gangs will drive the ghetto A-A gang-bangers out of town. The Leftist drive for “gun control” and “affordable” (i.e. Ghetto-Ready) housing in the suburbs is part of the plan. If the suburban “Trumpists” are too feisty, and actually act to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors from the ghetto trash, the urban evacuation may fail, leaving the Corruptocrats with only the ruins and two warring populations. The unitary “BIPOC” is a Leftist fantasy. As a practical matter, the various Hispanic groups despise the violent, drug-adicted African American population that has done nothing with the opportunities around them. As in Compton, the Hispanics would love the opportunity to rebuild the unban wastelends, once they drive the violent ghetto gangs out into the suburbs.

    The agents of Soros and the gun control actions by the BATFEIEIO are supporting actions for importing the new Illegal population and the inevitable relocation of the ghetto trash to your neighborhood. Don’t get overly focused on one thing while you allow the rest of the assault to continue. The Soros Persecuting Attorneys were installed for a reason. The urban Corruptocrats know that the cities, as they are now, are doomed relics of the 19th Century. With a whole new population, they can expect a generation or more of profit and grift, especially if the better off “Whites” return to the city to escape the growing suburban ghetto.

    “Gun Control” is important but watch your flank.

    1. You may have read more emphasis in this post than I intended.

      This post is merely pointing out that gun control is impossible because technology has advanced to the point where anybody can manufacture a firearm. Everything outside of that point is outside of the scope of this post.

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