Julian Assange is Tracking Spyware Contractors

Another weapon we have against the state’s surveillance apparatus is Julian Assange. Mr. Assange, through his Wikileaks project, has provided a platform whistle blowers can use to leak information and remain anonymous. Wikileaks has now announced another project called the Wikileaks Counterintelligence Unit, which will attempt to actively surveil surveillance contractors:

The inaugural release zeroes in on 19 different contractors as they travel visit countries like Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Spain, and Brazil. The location data displays only a time stamp and a country for each entry, but occasionally displays the message, “phone is currently not logged into the network,” indicating the data likely comes from some kind of cell-tracking service. The contractors in question work for Western companies like Gamma International, designer of the infamous FinFisher spyware tool — and as with previous Wikileaks releases marked as “Spy Files,” readers will also find marketing brochures for surveillance products to intercept and monitor web traffic.

I think this is a great idea and needs to be expanded. It would be great if we could eventually do to the surveillance apparatus what it has done to us. Imagine a world where anybody working to spy on us, whether they be private contractors or public National Security Agency (NSA) employees, was being spied on 24/7. Perhaps losing all sense of privacy would be enough to discourage people from working for these bastards.