Another of Our Own Lost

Man I’m late with this news but alas it’s posted now. Gun rights activist Meleanie Hain was murdered by her husband. There is a good write up over at The Brenda Fallacy.

Likewise Random Nuclear Strikes shows us the “peace loving” anti-gun crowd is already dancing in the blood and proclaiming how happy they are that a gun rights activist was shot to death. Don’t believe me head over to the last linked article and read comments like this one by Doughh:

No offense but now there are 2 less right wing wacko gun nuts running around. Do feel sorry for the kids though.

Apparently Meleanie had become worried in recent times that her husband was becoming dangerous. It seems her husband had become abusive and she was making an attempt to leave him taking their two kids with her. In the end the bastard shot her and himself but by sheer fortune didn’t bring harm to either of their children.

Although we have a ton of “peace loving” anti-gunners dancing up and down a user going by the name of graycoyote tells us some very important details:

You’re conveniently leaving out a couple of details.

1) Scott Hain, not Meleanie, fired the first shot. She had privately confided with several of her friends that Scott was become more abusive and controlling of her life, and she was considering divorcing him and taking her two kids (2 and 6). It appears that early indications is that she told him that she was divorcing him, so he shot her with HIS service weapon from work.

2) Scott Hain was both a corrections officer and a parole officer, and officially considered a law enforcement officer under PA law. So a cop shot his wife with his service weapon, essentially.

3) All of you assholes who are just absolutely gleeful that she was killed, or it is some sort of lesson to be learned here that “guns shouldn’t have been as available to allow stuff like this to happen”, Scott Hain was a cop, who would be untouched by a majority of gun control laws even in places like DC, Chicago, and New York.

Yup no amount of gun control laws would have prevented this as her husband was a cop who qualified to carry a service gun.

Anyways for the few of you who haven’t heard of Meleanie she made the news a while back by exercising her second amendment right at a soccer game. The anti-gun crowd shit their pants proclaiming she was being irresponsible carrying a gun that close to *gasp* CHILDREN! In actuality nobody was shot and if somebody had been there to cause anybody harm Meleanie would have been able to give the attendees a fighting chance.

Hopefully her children make it through this with some semblance of sanity left.