Pigs Hate Dogs

It’s a new morning and that means another dog has been shot by a cop. This time an officer decided to take out a man’s service dog — on the man’s son’s birthday:

FILER • A dog is dead, and its owner is alleging trigger-happy police work after a Filer officer shot the animal Saturday outside his home.

Police, however, say the dog was aggressive and had to be put down.

Rick Clubb said Monday that his son’s 9th birthday party was wrapping up about 5:30 p.m. when Officer Tarek Hassani came to his home on Jacklyne Circle on complaints of dogs running at-large.

He shot the 7-year-old black labrador, “Hooch,” Clubb said, though it showed no aggressive behavior.

I’m not surprised that the cops are claiming that the animal was acting aggressively since that’s the excuse they always use. But this time the fiasco was caught on film:

Had a hairless ape been kicking at me I’d be a bit aggressive as well. But the dog must be given a great deal of credit. Even though the officer was kicking at it the dog never actually attacked him. Of course the officer still put a bullet in the poor beast because killing a dog doesn’t end in punishment unlike killing a human (which can end in a lot of paperwork and nobody likes paperwork).

This video leads me to wonder if the officer acted aggressively towards the dog specifically to rile it up and therefore have a justification to shoot it. I’m then left to wonder how often such scenarios play out. Could it be that many of the incidents of “dogs acting aggressively” are due to officers first acting aggressively towards those dogs just to get a desired response?