Because Somebody Mentioned it at Work

I’m glad to see the NRA-ILA alert on this so called “gun tax” rumor that has been floating around. I’ve received no less then four e-mails about this in the last month or so and really had no easy way to reply to people it’s nothing to be concerned with. Well now I have the small bite size piece of text…

This alert is dealing with the onerous SB-2099 which supposedly will require everybody to report all their guns on their income tax return. Well this little hitch was proposed and shot down nine years ago. It’s dead and buried. So please stop worrying about it and stop spreading it around.

Ruger is Cooking Something

Looks like Ruger is counting down to something new…

I know Tom Gresham made a remark on Gun Talk about Ruger reintroducing a folding stock option and 30 round magazines for their Mini 14 series. I haven’t a clue if that’s what this count down is for but I believe so.

Rumors floating around the web also say Ruger could be introducing an AR-15.