The Traditional of Lopping Off Hands is Alive and Well in the United States

In their zeal to demonize the Middle East the warvangelicals, often referred to as neoconservatives, often claim that the barbaric practice of cutting off the hands of thieves is widespread throughout the region. Well the practice of limb removal is alive and well here in the supposedly civilized United States:

“Five deputy sheriffs from for one little girl. She has to go to the bathroom. She asked, ‘Can I go to the bathroom?’ They refused. They broke the door down and then they Tased her, grabbed her and they put her in a sheriff’s van. And I think the handcuffs were tight,” attorney Marvin Leibowitz said.

According to the complaint, that alleged treatment caused her to suffer from compartment syndrome, which is increased pressure that damages muscles and nerves. The attorney says while his client sat in jail, she made 16 requests to see a doctor for treatment but was denied.

“They never sent her a doctor. Never took her to the doctor. She developed a septic shock. The infection went over and she almost died and they had to take off her arm to prevent her from dying,” Leibowitz said.

Needham, mother of three children ages five to nine, had previously worked in a restaurant. She is now waiting for a prosthesis.

“She has severe psychological problems. I think she’s been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She doesn’t have an arm. How is she going to get a job?” Leibowitz said.

Deputies had arrested her for failing to show up at a preliminary hearing on a charge that was eventually reduced to disorderly conduct.

All of this because she failed to show up to a court hearing on a charge that was reduced to disorderly conduct? That seems acceptable. I mean, if those cops hadn’t busted down her door and kidnapped her there’s no telling what other heinous acts of disorderly conduct that woman may have performed.

Warvangelicals and other Americans often like to call this country a land of laws. In reality this country is a land of punishments. When somebody violates a decree issued by some guy who wears a suit and sits in a marble building the dogs of war, who we refer to as police, are unleashed. Using whatever means necessary, regardless of the severity of the decree they’re enforcing, these dogs of the state kick down doors, kidnap people, and employ physical violence. It doesn’t matter if you’ve murdered somebody or have been caught in possession of a verboten plant, the ride will be the same. You will be threatened with violence, kidnapped, and beaten or even killed if you resist (and you may be beaten or killed if you don’t resist).

Standard Weapons and Tactics

Denizens of the United States are very familiar with Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams. At one point in our history SWAT teams, true to their name, were special forces that were called in when a situation required more firepower and training than standard police officers had. Today SWAT teams of used for everything breaking up unapproved poker games to evicting squatters:

OAKLAND, Calif. — There were some tense moments Thursday morning as a SWAT team stormed an apartment building in Oakland to evict squatters who had been living there for months without paying rent.

At this point I believe the term Special Weapons and Tactics should be changed to Standard Weapons and Tactics. The regular police force has been mitigated to issuing speeding tickets and serving parking citations. Everything else is now the job of the heavily armed and armored SWAT teams.