New York on it’s Way for Micro Stamping

Another flawed idea by the anti-gunners is making it’s way through New York state…

Senate Bill 4397, if passed into law, would make selling any semi-automatic handgun without so called micro stamping technology illegal.

For those of you out of the loop micro stamping is a method where the firearm marks every round it fires with some kind of unique identifier. The unique identifier is suppose to help police track a person illegally using a gun. Of course this requirement would jack up the price of the gun and won’t work to boot.

Let’s take a look at the basic idea. So the gun it supposed to stamp an identifier onto each round fire. In that case you have three options, stamp the bullet, stamp the case, or stamp both. Stamping the case would seem rather idiotic since you can just pick those up and take them with you. Stamping the bullet is equally idiotic since it’s mostly likely going to deform on impact with something which would distort and stamped on identifier.

So really nothing is accomplished. Further more the stamp inside the gun can easily be filed off so nothing is stamped on either the bullet or the case. So why would this get proposed? More importantly who would propose it?

Well the answer to that is ID Dynamics the company whom is the sole owner of the patent on micro stamping technology. The man who invented it, Todd Lizotte (I’d drop contact information but I can’t find any, if you know any means of contacting him let me know), claims it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. And he’s right it is for him and his company.

He’s of course stated that his company is willing to provide the technology royalty free. That’s an old trick really because even with the patent most gun manufacturers could not create the required tools in house to enact this technology, and certainly not in a timely manner. Because of that companies who have such patents often are willing to see the equipment required to use the patent, at a nominal fee of course.

Micro stamping accomplishes nothing besides increasing the cost of manufacturing guns. And that cost is then placed on the consumers. Remember if the anti-gunners can’t outright ban guns they will do the next best thing, ensure nobody can afford them (this trick was used in the abolishment of so called “Saturday night specials.”). Remember just because they can’t take your right doesn’t mean they can’t find a way to prevent you from exercising that right.