People of Congo Town Take up Arms in Self Defense

This article is actually dated a few months back but it’s a great story nonetheless…

Assholes from The Lord’s Resistance Army were harassing the people of Bangadi. They requested help from the military and the United Nations sit-on-their-ass, I mean peacekeeping, force. Neither group responded so the citizens of Bangadi did the logical thing, took up arms and defended their town. From the article…

So Akoyo called a town meeting and told everyone to bring whatever weapons they had: pre-World War II rifles, homemade shotguns, lances, swords, machetes, hunting knives, bows with sheaths of poisoned arrows.

The women came armed with kitchen knives and log-sized wooden pestles used to pound yams into flour.

And with these ancient rifles, MacGyvered shotguns, and various melee weapons they fought off the pricks of The Lord’s Resistance Army. Hell when this article was written the citizens thought there town was so nice they fought the bastards off twice. And because of these peoples’ inspirational stand…

News of Bangadi’s success — and the lack of military protection — have spurred hundreds of villages to form self-defense groups, according to Avril Benoit, a spokeswoman for Medecins Sans Frontieres.

That’s right other people in other villages are arming themselves and making a statement that they aren’t taking shit from those who would do them harm.

These guys further show what a community working together can accomplish. If people of cities of “developed” nations would ban together to defend each other we would see a drastic decrease in crime. Oh wait I forgot most “developed” nations’ governments won’t do shit to defend their citizens but if you try to defend yourself or other members of your community your government may very well move in and arrest you. Just ask Britain.

2 thoughts on “People of Congo Town Take up Arms in Self Defense”

  1. The UN will probably be invading to disarm these villages, because if there’s one thing they don’t like, it’s people doing their job for them. Not only doing their job, but doing their job much, much better.

  2. Yeah after all the U.N. needs to move in there and take their guns. Just ask the U.N. guns in civilian hands is always dangerous.

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