A Pretty Picture Showing More Guns Doesn’t Equal More Deaths

I saw this on Sharp as a Marble…


Walls of the City put together a post where he collected data from non-partial sources involving the number of deaths compared to the number of firearms. Of course this post was done by using text, which the anti-gunners have a hard time with (I think they have problems reading and comprehending anything past Go Dog Go). To help them understand it there is now a pretty line graph that illustrates the fact.

Of course being that you need some basic math skills to understand a graph I don’t think the anti-gunners will be able to figure this one out. The bottom line is if numbers of involved the anti-gunners probably won’t be able to understand it.

Source: http://blog.robballen.com/2009/07/31/p3646-doing-all-the-hard-work.post