Brooklyn Police Afraid of Flintlock Rifles

I found this story over on the Gun Rights Radio Network forum…

Michael Littlejohn, a citizens of Brooklyn, had a replica flintlock rifles produced for him. Under New York state law you are not required to register such guns. Now why would he want a flintlock rifles in Brooklyn you ask? Not that it matters why he wants it but the answer is he’s a Revolutionary War aficionado.

Anyways the police are saying he needs a firearms license to own the flintlock. Although this isn’t true I think the police feel they can beat Mr. Littlejohn into submission. After all anybody who is willing to own a flintlock rifle is only doing so to bypass the state’s gun registration laws and perform crimes with it. I think I will dub this the flintlock loophole. Just think if he has an unregistered gun he could perform a mass shooting at any of the state colleges. Back when such evil military style assault weapons were in regular use by the military a good rifleman could get off up to three shots in a minute! Just image the terror this man could produce with this unregistered military style assault weapon!