Australia’s Restrictive Gun Control Doesn’t Stop Straw Purchases Either

And interesting story I saw on Snowflakes in Hell…

Australia has some very draconian gun laws put in place in the hopes of making it’s citizens wholly dependent on the government for protection controlling violent crime. One of these laws is the requirement of obtaining a firearm license to purchase a gun. The theory goes that running massive checks and making people jump through many hoops will prevent criminals from buying guns. Unfortunately Australia is finding out what some American states already know, criminals will ignore the law and obtain their guns illegally.

Members of an organized crime gang were able to build up a small cache by performing straw purchases in Australia. Of course instead of admitting they were wrong members of the Australia government are calling for even more strict gun control laws. Now some magistrates are calling for finger printing and DNA checks on the country’s gun owners.

These magistrates apparently are missing the lesson, which is criminals will get guns because they are willing to break the law to obtain the tools they need to break laws. No amount of gun control can prevent this. Britain is a perfect example of a country having stringent gun control laws and a high rate of gun related violence.