Even Permanently Disabled Guns are Scary in the United Kingdom

Ah yes the United Kingdom. This find conglomeration of government intrusion and control is so afraid of guns that even completely disabled ones are feared…


A person was selling two guns which were disabled, via being welded shut, and properly certified at a local market. Some moron calls the police because apparently even permanently disabled guns are scary in Wales. The police arrive and tell the owner to sell the guns “more appropriate channels.”

Now there was nothing illegal about these guns, all the accompanying paper work was with them and the guns were unable to be restored to their original working configuration. That’s right lawful commerce was being practiced which we know Oceania is completely against hence the police had to put a stop to it. And I love this quote by the officer…

We would like to reassure the public that the use of guns in south Wales remains extremely rare and immediate action is taken if information is received about the use, threat or sale of items.

Yes they sure do crack down on guns be it a use, threat, or sale. Heck apparently even non-functioning guns which can’t be used to shoot somebody are cracked down upon. Of course they also crack down on those who defend themselves with a firearm since self defense is also all but illegal in that region.