I Guess Al Gore’s Apocalypse will Happen

Holy shit Al Gore’s Apocalypse will happen. Eventually Earth will no longer be able to support life due to a greenhouse effect. But don’t fret we still have at least a half billion years to work on it:

The scientists agree that we do yet know how ubiquitous or how fragile life is, but as Guinan concludes: “The Earth’s period of habitability is nearly over ― on a cosmological timescale. In a half to one billion years the Sun will start to be too luminous and warm for water to exist in liquid form on Earth, leading to a runaway greenhouse effect in less than 2 billion years“.

Somehow I doubt reducing our carbon footprint is going to help solve this problem though.

One thought on “I Guess Al Gore’s Apocalypse will Happen”

  1. Listening to the doom sayers only makes it feel like we are putting up with a billion years of b.s. That is an inconvenient truth!

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