Hey Britain How’s the Gun Ban Working

I’m once again asking Britain how it’s almost total ban on guns is turning out. Apparently not so hot as there are about four stories involving guns in Britain.

The first article tells a story that should be impossible in Britain. A man was shot in the head in Rotherhithe. The man was taken to the hospital where he apparently is receiving treatment. I’m still baffled that a man was shot in Britain. Didn’t the shooter know they don’t allow people to have guns there?

Next up the police are looking for a 16 year old kid who is suspected of shooting somebody. There is a £15,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. How he could have helped murder somebody with a gun is still a complete mystery.

For our third story a man was apparently gunned down by police after shooting at them. The police were unaware of the fact that the gun only fire blanks (Not their fault.). Yet the gun looked real and that makes it an imitation of a firearm which is illegal there. Remember it’s not just a gun ban but a anything that looks like a gun ban. Somehow this one made it through the gun ban barrier though.

Finally two people are being charged for attempted murder. Their preferred instrument for the attempted murder was nothing less then a evil shotgun. Of course there are means of acquiring a shotgun in Britain but it involves a ton of paper work and licensing. Well either this 55 year old grandmother and 17 year old kid did that or they had the gun illegally which should be impossible as there are laws against possession of a gun illegally. I mean that’s exactly what makes it illegal!

So Britain how is the gun ban working out for you?