Remember a Disarmed Society is a Safer Society

At least that’s what Wisconsin’s governor keeps saying. Well Mayor of Milwaukee, Tom Barrett, may be changing his tune. Well he probably won’t be but either way he got his ass beaten with a pipe. From the story:

“The mayor stopped and said something (to the man) like, ‘Let’s all cool down here, I’m going to call 911,'” the mayor’s spokesman Patrick Curley said. “He said it one or two times according to him. When he took out his phone, that’s when the suspect attacked him.”

The suspect hit Barrett in the head and torso with a metal pipe. Barrett apparently fought back, fracturing his hand when he punched the suspect.

You know what may have helped prevent Mr. Barrett from getting hit by that pipe, a gun. Shocking I know but a gun versus a pipe is a pretty easy fight to guess the outcome of. Of course being a member of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns horde I doubt he’ll change his tune. And he’ll probably continue spouting anti-gun propaganda on top of it all.

3 thoughts on “Remember a Disarmed Society is a Safer Society”

  1. “You know what may have helped prevent Mr. Barrett from getting hit by that pipe, a gun. Shocking I know but a gun versus a pipe is a pretty easy fight to guess the outcome of.”

    Yeah, the guy with the pipe still would have beaten his ass, if he was within a few feet. Unless you’re a top competition shooter working with one of those fancy open-carry quick draw holsters, you probably wouldn’t have been able to draw and fire under a second, and that’s a lot of time when someone wants to hit you with a pipe at close-combat ranges, and when you’re behind his OODA because you’re reacting and not acting.

    Still, this might be some good news.

    You know what they say? A libertarian is a liberal who understands economics or a conservative who’s had his ass kicked by the police. Or, a liberal who’s had his ass kicked by a criminal. Or…

    Hm, we could probably keep going a long time with that.

  2. In all reality if you let an obviously violent man with a pipe get within range to use that pipe and you have a gun available one of two things must have happened. The first is you didn’t see him coming. The second is you must have been in condition white since you didn’t see him coming. These are failure conditions where you have failed.

    There is a chance he jumped out of an alley and you couldn’t have known he was there but this wasn’t the case at all. Mayor Barrett saw the man and confronted him. If he had a gun he would have had no excuse to have it trained on the criminal before he could have been beating him with the said pipe.

    Likewise a gun doesn’t ensure you’ll win the scenario but it certainly would put the odds heavily in your favor should your opponent have a melee weapon.

    Further even if he surprised you and was able to get within range before you could get to a gun it doesn’t mean you can’t use that said gun. This is where a pocket gun is nice in that you can still access it when your opponent is at point blank range. If you must just put your hand in your pocket and fire the gun without drawing it. If you have a revolver this will work until it’s empty and if you have a semi-automatic it will still work once. Sure your leg will probably burn a bit from the semi-ejected brass but I’d rather have a slight burn on my leg then bumps on the head from a pipe.

  3. Yeah, there are other factors. And, he did approach the guy with the pipe, probably thinking something along the lines of, “I’ll just diffuse this situation peacefully, and then we’ll get the cops involved.”

    Oops, big mistake.

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