Obama’s Anti-Gun OSHA Nominee

Via the NRA ILA comes a story about Obama’s nominee, David Michaels, for the head of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s not surprising that an Obama nominee would be anti-gun nor that the anti-gunner would be places in a position of such power. Nope certainly not surprising, but concerning.

OSHA has a lot of power being they dictate what is considered public health issues and what are not. If they believe something is a public health issue they can enact measures requiring employers to ban it. If the new nominee were to set his sights on guns he could very well enact policies that would require employees to disallow people from possessing guns while at work. Many employers currently will allow a person to carry a firearm if they have a carry license but OSHA could override this through regulations. Looking at the blog entry by Mr. Michaels I wouldn’t be surprised if he did decide to make guns an OSHA policy issue.

We need to contact our senators and tell them to bar Mr. Michael’s from becoming the head of OSHA.