Mexico Still Screaming for United States to Disarm

Fuck I really hate the current president of Mexico. He’s got a huge problem with the drug cartels and his logical choice of action is to blame the United States. I know what you’re thinking this is old news and I’m several months behind on my reporting. Nope bad news from Says Uncle the president of Mexico and a couple former ambassadors are at it again. They say:

The Binational Task Force on the United States-Mexico Border listed the assault weapons ban as a step the U.S. should take immediately to improve security in both countries. The 10-year ban expired in 2004.

Really? BOTH countries? What benefit will it provide us in the form of security? Looking at the FBI murder weapon rates the number of murders in 2008 with firearms is only 99 people higher than 2004. But the number of people killed with rifles (as so-called assault weapons fall under) is actually 28 people lower in 2008.

If these “assault weapons” were so dangerous and a threat to security the number of rifle murders since 2004, when the ban lifted, should be noticeably higher. In fact since 2004 the number of murders committed with firearms in general has been pretty stable.

Further why would the drug cartels come here to get semi-automatic rifle when they can go to Mexico’s neighbors to get fully-automatic rifles for CHEAPER? That makes no logical sense. If the president of Mexico wants to unfuck his nation he’s going to root out corruption there, not attempt to restrict the rights of another country.