People Not to Ask Advice From

Often times you need to known something so you ask somebody to advice. A lot of the time people ask the wrong person through. For instance if you’re one of the freest countries in the world asking the president of a economically depressed, crime ridden, Hell hole run almost entirely by drug gangs probably isn’t going to net you good advice. Let’s just hope our government doesn’t listen to the President of Mexico’s advice:

On Thursday, Felipe Calderon, the president of Mexico, where prohibitive gun laws prevent good people from having firearms for protection against criminals and governments of dubious legitimacy (historically the norm in Mexico), encouraged Congress to reinstate the federal “assault weapon” ban.

Why the Hell would he care what we do in this country?

Calderon also misinformed Congress, claiming that violence in Mexico rose significantly after the U.S. ban expired in 2004.

Surprisingly enough the president of a corrupt country lied:

In fact, Mexico’s murder rate has been stable since 2003 and remains well below rates recorded previously

Why did we even invite him into the country?

Izhmash Shows New AK Prototype

When The Firearm Blog says they have big news they mean it. It seems Izhmash has introduced a prototype for their updated AK series of rifles. The updates are certainly a case of evolution not revolution but when you’re platform for evolve is the ever prevalent and legendary AK-47 there isn’t much need for a revolution.

The first noticeable improvement should make the tacticool people out there happy, rails. Yes when somebody said the AK needs more rails Izhmash listened. The dust cover now has a rail running along its top. Likewise the dust cover is now hinged to the front and has a locking lever that holds it on to the rifle. This is apparently to prevent a loss of zero on optics mounted on the dust cover rails. Likewise the hand guards are now covered in rails.

The AK prototype also has a new safety by the trigger which should be easier to manipulate than the standard AK safety/selector switch. The prototype still has the old safety on it but being it’s a prototype that could be left on or taken off in the final design. The rear sight has an adjustment knob instead of the old slider that was used for elevation changes.

Anyways head over to the Firearm Blog as they have a lot of pictures and go over more details.

Who’s the Hero of Russia

The Firearm Blog brings some good news. Russia has bestowed its highest award, Hero of the Russian Federation, upon a man we all know and love, Mikhail Kalashnikov.

This was awarded on Mr. Kalashnikov’s 90th birthday. It’s good to see the man who invented the most popular rifle to ever exist is getting his due recognition.

Protect the Children with Talking Points

Snowflakes in Hell points out Michigan senator Carl Levin knows how to use talking points. The senator sent a letter to the president titled, “Guns Hurt Our Children The Most.” It’s full of such great arguments as:

Mr. President, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 3,184 children and teens died from a firearm in the United States in 2006, a six percent increase from 2005. This breaks down to the life of an American child being taken every two hours and 45 minutes by someone wielding a gun. More than five times as many, or nearly 17,500 children and teens suffered a non-fatal gun injury that year, a seven percent increase from the previous year.

Senator Levin’s solution? It’s this:

They also recommend passage of such common sense gun safety legislation as closing the gun show loophole, strengthening the Brady background check system and reauthorizing the assault weapons ban.

I highly doubt senator Levin knows what the gun show “loophole” actually is. It’s no a loophole at all but a fact of constitutional law that states congress can only regulate interstate commerce and dealings with foreign countries. If two people in the same state make a transaction congress can’t do shit about it.

Likewise how can you strengthen the Brady background check? The system can already single handedly deny a person their right to bear arms. How can you get much stronger? Allow a denial from a background check to land somebody in prison? Seriously I wish representatives would think before they talk.

Finally what the Hell is banning “assault” weapons going to accomplish? Most murders and accidents are done with handguns not long arms. You would think that anti-gunners would be going after handguns instead. And this is one of their fatal flaws they don’t use logic in their crusade against our rights and the truth.

Mexico Still Screaming for United States to Disarm

Fuck I really hate the current president of Mexico. He’s got a huge problem with the drug cartels and his logical choice of action is to blame the United States. I know what you’re thinking this is old news and I’m several months behind on my reporting. Nope bad news from Says Uncle the president of Mexico and a couple former ambassadors are at it again. They say:

The Binational Task Force on the United States-Mexico Border listed the assault weapons ban as a step the U.S. should take immediately to improve security in both countries. The 10-year ban expired in 2004.

Really? BOTH countries? What benefit will it provide us in the form of security? Looking at the FBI murder weapon rates the number of murders in 2008 with firearms is only 99 people higher than 2004. But the number of people killed with rifles (as so-called assault weapons fall under) is actually 28 people lower in 2008.

If these “assault weapons” were so dangerous and a threat to security the number of rifle murders since 2004, when the ban lifted, should be noticeably higher. In fact since 2004 the number of murders committed with firearms in general has been pretty stable.

Further why would the drug cartels come here to get semi-automatic rifle when they can go to Mexico’s neighbors to get fully-automatic rifles for CHEAPER? That makes no logical sense. If the president of Mexico wants to unfuck his nation he’s going to root out corruption there, not attempt to restrict the rights of another country.