England Does it Again

Says Uncle points out yet another example of England hating everybody’s rights equally. It’s not secret that it’s all but impossible to own a gun in Britain. Well Phillip Luty hosts a webpage called The Home Gunsmith that gives instructions on how to build your own firearms. Even with Britain’s draconian gun laws you would think this site would at least fall under the freedom of speech. Well not in Britain where you’re a subject not a citizen and hence have no rights:

On 22nd May 2009 the Homegunsmith (Philip A. Luty) was, for the fifth time in ten years, attacked by an armed police unit and violently arrested at gunpoint.

In their latest onslaught against freedom of speech, press, personal expression, and dissemination of ideas, the henchmen of the State charged the Homegunsmith with “criminal offences”—namely “Making a record of information likely to be of assistance to terrorists.” (Part of the all-encompassing 2000 Terrorism Act.) That’s right folks, writing books or articles on one of man’s oldest occupations—gunmaking—is now tantamount to an act of terrorism in modern day Britain.

The Homegunsmith.com website has been strategically closed whilst wounds are licked and the troops regrouped.

—Ken Holder
Keeper of the Web Pages

Yup Mr. Luty was arrested yet again for his web page. I can’t believe with all these stories of government abuse people hold them up as an example of what our country should be. There is a reason we broke away from those guys.