Best Talk on Al Gore’s Apocalypse I’ve Heard

OK last week I attended a speech by Christopher Monckton. The subject at hand was Al Gore’s apocalypse, a.k.a. global warming, a.k.a. climate change, a.k.a. CO2 is going to kill us all. Mr. Monckton presented a lot of great information and showed how those who are claiming CO2 is causing “global warming” (even though we’ve been in a cooling trend for a few years) have lied.

Here is the YouTube video of his presentation:


His slide show is also available from the link (you should follow that while watching the video). The treaty he talks bout at the end of the speech is also available from the link.

2 thoughts on “Best Talk on Al Gore’s Apocalypse I’ve Heard”

  1. Thank you for brining an alternate side to my post for view it’s greatly appreciated. I only managed to skim your linked post so far but it seems mostly about what he says regarding DDT, not so much the aspect of CO2 causing global warming. But if somebody is willing to lie about one thing they are usually willing to lie about the other (Al Gore for instance). I’ll read it in detail when I get some time.

    From the research I’ve been able to accomplish from checking the notes in Mr. Monckton’s presentation he’s been on the up and up regarding what he said about the issue of CO2 and global warming. I’ve only gotten through a tiny bit of verifying his presentation so far so this could change.

    Either way the more data from all side I can find the better.

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