Protect the Children with Talking Points

Snowflakes in Hell points out Michigan senator Carl Levin knows how to use talking points. The senator sent a letter to the president titled, “Guns Hurt Our Children The Most.” It’s full of such great arguments as:

Mr. President, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 3,184 children and teens died from a firearm in the United States in 2006, a six percent increase from 2005. This breaks down to the life of an American child being taken every two hours and 45 minutes by someone wielding a gun. More than five times as many, or nearly 17,500 children and teens suffered a non-fatal gun injury that year, a seven percent increase from the previous year.

Senator Levin’s solution? It’s this:

They also recommend passage of such common sense gun safety legislation as closing the gun show loophole, strengthening the Brady background check system and reauthorizing the assault weapons ban.

I highly doubt senator Levin knows what the gun show “loophole” actually is. It’s no a loophole at all but a fact of constitutional law that states congress can only regulate interstate commerce and dealings with foreign countries. If two people in the same state make a transaction congress can’t do shit about it.

Likewise how can you strengthen the Brady background check? The system can already single handedly deny a person their right to bear arms. How can you get much stronger? Allow a denial from a background check to land somebody in prison? Seriously I wish representatives would think before they talk.

Finally what the Hell is banning “assault” weapons going to accomplish? Most murders and accidents are done with handguns not long arms. You would think that anti-gunners would be going after handguns instead. And this is one of their fatal flaws they don’t use logic in their crusade against our rights and the truth.