Izhmash Shows New AK Prototype

When The Firearm Blog says they have big news they mean it. It seems Izhmash has introduced a prototype for their updated AK series of rifles. The updates are certainly a case of evolution not revolution but when you’re platform for evolve is the ever prevalent and legendary AK-47 there isn’t much need for a revolution.

The first noticeable improvement should make the tacticool people out there happy, rails. Yes when somebody said the AK needs more rails Izhmash listened. The dust cover now has a rail running along its top. Likewise the dust cover is now hinged to the front and has a locking lever that holds it on to the rifle. This is apparently to prevent a loss of zero on optics mounted on the dust cover rails. Likewise the hand guards are now covered in rails.

The AK prototype also has a new safety by the trigger which should be easier to manipulate than the standard AK safety/selector switch. The prototype still has the old safety on it but being it’s a prototype that could be left on or taken off in the final design. The rear sight has an adjustment knob instead of the old slider that was used for elevation changes.

Anyways head over to the Firearm Blog as they have a lot of pictures and go over more details.