More on Wisconsin Microstamping

Snowflakes in Hell brings us more details on the impending Wisconsin microstamping legislation. First off the bill, titled AB 221, can be found here. The bottom line is that the bill is bad. Although all the provisions in the bill scare me this one is very interesting:

Fixing a broken pistol is now a misdemeanor, unless you get parts that make the correct microstamp. No replacing firing pins or barrels.

There you go, fixing a gun which you legally own will be illegal without getting parks that make the gun microstamp casings. This microstamping idea is beyond idiotic since it will cost gun manufacturers a fortune to implement, it will add parts to the gun making them less reliable, and it can easily defeated by criminals picking up their brass (or a cheap file). Those of you in Wisconsin now it the time to move against this.

2 thoughts on “More on Wisconsin Microstamping”

  1. Another “Deactivation scheme”?
    A thought went through my mind that gave me shivers. Could the Anti-rights crowd be banking on the inherent flaw of the microstamping? that eventually owners will give up on the insane maintenance and leave the pistols inoperable?

    They know they can’t take them, but are they going to try to make it impossible to keep them in proper order?

    1. When it comes to schemes of the anti-gunners I put nothing past them. They are much more clever than many in the pro-gun community give them credit for.

      For instance they now know they simply can’t take guns thanks to Heller. What was one of their first moves afterwards (they started the process before the verdict was in though)? Go after ammunition. California AB 962 was a show of their new strategy.

      I’m sure they are aware of the inherit problems with implementing microstamping which makes this an idea technology for them to push. Correspondingly the fact that microstamping is very expensive to implement makes this a great plan in their eyes as well. Even if it does become a reliable technology it’s still going to put many handgun manufacturers either out of business or out of the handgun business due to the cost of the technology.

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