If That’s How You Feel

Dip shit Helmke of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership is spewing out stupidity again. This is the second post in a row that I’ve sourced from Snowflakes in Hell.

I won’t link directly to the Brady Campaign site so you’ll have to go through Snowflakes in Hell to check this but here is a quote from Helmke:

“It is dangerous for Congress to dictate to Amtrak how to handle guns on passenger trains. Trying to micromanage Amtrak security is inappropriate at best, reckless at worst. But now that Congress has decided to allow passengers to be able to transport firearms in checked luggage on trains operated by Amtrak, at least their negotiators have responded to some of the safety concerns raised by gun violence prevention advocates.

Of course Snowflakes in Hell points how oxymoronic this statement is since Helmke said the exact opposite some time ago but I’m going to say something different about this.

I agree with Helmk *GASP* on one point. Congress shouldn’t be allowed to dictate the inner workings of a private company like Amtrak. But get this. Amtrak only exists because of federal government subsidies. Amtrak doesn’t actually make enough money to keep themselves afloat. So here is my proposal.

I say Amtrak be allowed to ban guns and run things however they want. But in exchange for this freedom they no longer are allowed to receive ANY tax payer money. Fair? Because while they receive MY tax money they will play by MY rules as much as I can make them.