Why It’s Smart to Have a Spare Carry Rig

This post is two fold, first an explanation why you should have a complete backup carry rig and second to compliment a company.

Earlier this week I noticed a small crack on the Kydex of my carry holster. The crack appeared where the Kydex curves down from the part that covers the top of the slide and meets the rivets which fasten the Kydex to the leather. Well anyways the holster is a Crossbreed SuperTuck which has a lifetime warranty. I decided to test it out and on Saturday I shot them off an e-mail. They responded, on a frickin Sunday. Anyways I just have to ship it off to them and they’ll take care of it. Sweet deal.

Oh and of course I’m required to give my FTC disclaimer when talking about products. Dear FTC please send me your mailing address so I can ship you a retractable baton. You know the rest.

Anyways the also brought up the fact I’m glad I bought a carry holster for my Glock 30SF. A lot of people have a spare carry gun but many of those people don’t have a spare carry holster. The idea is the gun will fail at some point but most people don’t stop to think that the holster may also fail. If you carry a gun you should have a complete backup carry rig. Sure you can buy to of the same gun and two of the same holster, but you should have backups to everything you need when carrying. You never know what is going to break nor when.