Yes Let’s Shut Al Gore Up

As I’ve stated before my company gets a copy of the Red Star Star Tribune and every day I like to read the letters to the editor. I seriously find some comic gold. Take this one for instance:


Publishing her shows media irresponsibility

I strongly object to your publishing a column by Sarah Palin on global warming (Dec. 10). She is not a climate scientist, and her opinion is unimportant. By publishing her the Star Tribune is asserting that the opinions of scientifically untrained and ignorant celebrities are as important as the opinions of climate scientists. There might be a place for her opinion if you published numerous essays on global warming including many by climate scientists. But I have never seen such an piece by an actual scientist.

In addition, in reporting on global warming, the Star Tribune routinely treats the opinions of scientifically untrained people as valid and as worthy of consideration as the research and reports of climate scientists. No wonder Americans are far more poorly informed on global warming issues than the citizens of other countries.


Emphasis was added to show Mr. Kerwin’s logic. According to him the paper was irresponsible to publish Sarah Palin’s ideas about global warming climate change because she’s not a climate scientist. Since she’s not a climate scientist her opinion is unimportant.

I agree. And since Al Gore isn’t a climate scientist we should stop publishing anything he says on the topic of his little apocalypse prediction.