This Week in Security Theatre

Welcome to Security Theatre. Join us this week as the TSA, regulars here, establishes more rigid rules and regulations that do nothing to enhance security but make people believe so. In this thrilling show the TSA establish further screening producers for all flights going to or coming from 14 listed nations. Some of the countries are:

Travellers from Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Yemen and Cuba will be among those facing body pat-down searches and carry-on baggage checks.

But the bad guys are one step ahead of the TSA yet again. They have developed a plan so diabolical only any person outside of TSA could see it coming. They are planning on flying into and out of America from different countries! This week promises to be as thrilling and exciting but also completely meaningless as always.

Advantage Arms Conversion Kit in Cold Weather

Here is yet another post dealing with my Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit for my Glock 30SF. On Saturday my friend, his father, and I went out to the range. This of course may sound like a bad idea to those who were in Minnesota and know it was about -10 (Fahrenheit since I’m a mangy American). But if you can’t deal with those temperatures then you don’t get much trigger time in January and February here.

As most people with .22 conversion kits know they generally work on two basic principals; hope and prayers. Because of this less than ideal situations may cause issues and issues were caused on Saturday. When I first slapped on the conversion kit it was banging away pretty well. The long it was out and thus more exposure to cold it received the worse it started working.

Towards the end I’m not exaggerating when I say I experienced about eight feeding failures per ten rounds. That means only two rounds in the magazine successfully fed into the gun. Just racking the slide was enough to tell you the problem, it was friggin’ cold and the conversion kit wanted none of that.

I’m not knocking the kit at all. It was ten below zero and these kits are notoriously sensitive to everything. They’re made for cheap practice not cold weather use. But it certainly is something to note if you live up in the northern half of the planet.

Some Things I Just Don’t Get

Recently at the range I was preceded by another person. He was shooting a Sig in 9mm while the only gun I brought was my Glock 30SF. I’m one to never insult another person’s gun at the range. If you like it I’m happy for you and who am I to judge? This guy didn’t not have that same belief.

No sooner did I put the target up and get the gun out of its holster he had to comment. “Is that a Glock?” A simple enough question to which I answered, “Yes.” That was my entire answer, nothing snobbish followed or preceded. His response on the other hand was, “Pfft plastic tupperware. Why not get a real gun made out of metal?” This struck me as odd because the range I attend is almost exclusively populated by decent people. Of course we’re putting a new door up so currently anybody can waltz right in so he may not have been a member, in fact I’m doubting he was one.

My answer was simply, “Because I like it.” After that I put on double ear protection in the vain attempt to not be able to hear him. He made a few more quips but I pretended I couldn’t hear them and just kept shooting.

This brings me to something I just don’t get. That something is a hatred of plastic framed pistols. I understand if you prefer metal guns, that’s your business. But it’s kind of hard to claim plastic frame pistols are junk when most of them have proven very reliable. The Glock, XD, and M&P lines of pistols are pretty well known for reliability. Yes there are lemons but for the most part they work well. In a carry gun that’s my primary concern, reliability. I want the gun to go bang when I pull the trigger and no go bang when I’m not pulling the trigger. But I also want something light as possible which plastic does well. I’m also a fan of how resistant plastic is to corrosion (In other words it doesn’t corrode). The gun is sitting against my body all day which means sweat and oil is getting on it, something resistant to corrosion is very nice.

I’ve not heard one conclusive argument stating why plastic guns are worse than steel guns. Yes they are lighter and therefore you received more felt recoil. That’s not really a concern of mine and it is a poor argument against a gun. That argument would lead one to accept heavier guns are better and therefore Hi-Points are the cream of the crop.

Another argument I hear and often laugh at is you can’t club somebody with a plastic frame pistol. Yes you can. The entire slide is still metal and the plastic is pretty impact resistant so it’s not going to crack under stress form beating somebody with the slide. But if you’re in a position where you must use the gun as a club instead of a gun you have bigger immediate issues than what your gun is made out of.

My friend often jokes that the gun will melt if you put it in an oven at 400 degrees (Fahrenheit since I’m in the United State). Of course many people say such things and are serious. Here is the fact of the matter. If your in a temperature hot enough to melt your gun’s frame you’re also dying from that same heat. The human body can’t take as much heat as the plastic frame of a pistol. I’m also not one to accidentally leave my gun in an oven.

One thing I will say is in a kaboom situation plastic frame guns generally fare worse than their metal frame brethren. But you really have to look at the common cause of kaboom situations. It’s generally done with reloaded ammunition (The reloader made a mistake and overloaded the round) or ammunition that has been constantly rechambered again and again (Bullet setback increases pressure when the round is finally fired). Both of these can be avoided and should be.

I understand if you prefer metal guns, that’s great. But if it’s due to anything beyond personal preference I don’t think you’re criteria are as realistic as you believe.

That is all.

Brady Bunch Still Begging

How can you tell a group is bleeding for cash? They beg for money more than PBS. Joe Huffman shows us 14 Brady Bunch Twitter messages begging for cash. As an added bonus he’s linked to two videos which I’m convinced are parodies of Brady supporters. Either way he’s rubbing his nose enough in the second video that I’m convinced he’s Dr. Rockzo the Rock and Roll Clown and he does cocaine! Seriously man a lot of cocaine.

Welcome to 2010

Welcome everybody to the new year. It is now officially 2010 in the central time zone.

And no I’m not on WordPress making a post instead of drinking and partying. I’m just not that thoughtful. I scheduled this post so it would make it appear as though I were that thoughtful. Either way here is to the new year.