The Dilemma of a Chicago Police Superintendent

Life must be hard for the Police Superintendent of Chicago. You have a gun ban in place to prevent slaves citizens from purchasing handguns and severely restricting the purchase of all other guns. Yet your city has the most shootings. What’s a man to do? Most people would just come out and say the gun ban probably isn’t working so hot and admit they were wrong. But as Every Day, No Days Off points out Police Superintendent Jody Weis has another plan:

He’s creating a new category of “indoor” homicides — and downplaying what police can do about them..

“Those homicides that are outdoors — the ones that I do believe we have a good possibility of preventing — we’re around 98 homicides for Chicago outdoors. That’s as low as it’s ever been, except for 2007, when I believe we had 97 homicides outdoors as of this date,” he said.

98 homicides is considered low? Really? Because according to the FBI Unified Crime Report for 2008 (which Illinois’s statistics are footnoted due to the fact they don’t report in compliance with the FBI Unified Crime Report) Vermont which allows anybody legally capable of owning a gun to carry it around on their person sans any permits only had 17 murders in that year. Hell my home stat of Minnesota only had 106 total for the entire year. Chicago on the other hand has practically passed my state’s yearly total in five months without including the number of shootings that occur indoors!

So even implementing this shitty idea makes Chicago look like a violent Hell hole.